May 2005
Connecting Nigerians Abroad and in the UK
Volume 2, Issue 2

Hair Today by Imiis

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According to the award winning Simi Belo of Imiis Limited, ‘Necessity really is the mother of invention!' Fed up with the time and money wasted at the hairdressers and bored with IT PR Simi designed a new wig/hair piece, which is causing a stir in the hair and beauty industry.

Question: How did you make the transfer from IT PR to Hair products ?

Simi Belo: It really helps if your professional background is in one of the four core skills needed to bring any idea to market - I have found these areas to be Financial, Legal, Sales, and Marketing. That said, I don't think your idea or what you do next has to be from your professional background , if it is something that you need in your personal life, and if you are the target market. I designed something that I would love, wear and use everyday. I have dabbled in hair as a hobby for over 20 years, and I have created and worn many prototypes myself. I knew there was a ready-made core market for NewHair, for instance (1) weave wearers (2) three-quarter / half wig wearers, and (3) wig wearers. Over the years I've had a lot of ideas for new products and concepts as well as ways to improve existing products. And after too many years in PR and marketing, two of which were spent running my own PR agency -Guru I was ready for a new challenge. NewHair is my first invention, and something I was dying to do for ages. Nothing on the market offered the same benefits of convenience, quality and realism.

Starting up Imiis Limited as a vehicle to bring to market my ideas was possible, thanks to the incredible support of my friends and family.

Question: How would you distinguish your hair pieces from others on the market?

Simi Belo: The unique gap in NewHair adds unbeatable realism as the onlooker can see your real hairline, scalp and roots, and therefore think the wig is growing out of your head and is all yours. You can incorporate a parting into a weave and achieve the same level of realism, but this takes hours to put on and remove and you typically have to buy the hair each time. A weave can damage your own hair because the hair is sewn, bonded, or glued onto your own hair and it can become hot and itchy because you can't remove it at night to let your own hair breathe.

A weave can also be tricky to maintain because it is hard to wash your real hair and the weave thoroughly, without slackening or damaging it. Existing full wigs conceal the wearer's own roots and hairline, so it is apparent that the hair is not really growing out of the head and is therefore fake. Other wigs, such as 'half wigs' and 'three-quarter wigs' address this by allowing the wearer to leave out a substantial amount - half and one quarter respectively - of his or her own hair to blend in with the wig hair. However, having to leave out, care for, and style so much of your own hair can defeat the purpose of wearing a wig! And, although when viewed from the front both the half and three-quarter wigs give the impression that all the hair is real, the side view often tells a different story as it rarely conceals the bump that arises at the point where the fake hair begins. The same problems arise with the instant and clip-on weave products available on the market.

Thanks to its real parting, NewHair delivers all the benefits of a weave. But because it works like a wig, NewHair improves on a weave in many ways. (1) It only takes a few seconds to put on and take off. (2)You only pay for it once and can use it again and again. (3) You don't have to have the hair sewn or glued onto your own hair either, so there is no discomfort, headache, or risk of damage to your own hair. (4) You can take it off at night to let your own hair and scalp breathe. And, because of its unique design, there are no bumps or any of the telltale signs you get with wigs. It is the first product to truly combine realism with glamour, and convenience with choice, and it has already changed peoples view on weaves and wigs, forever.

Question: What tips do you have for people starting out in business?

Simi Belo: Believe that you can do anything you want to, be positive at all times and approach business and life in that way. Accept that you will make mistakes and things will go wrong. Someone once said that 'sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn'. If you want to succeed you can't regret things you've done that have not worked out. Surely your only regrets should be things you've not done?

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