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Yemi Osunkoya is the award winning designer behind the Kosibah Creations label. Specialising in couture bridal, evening and formal daywear, Kosibah use subtle African influences combined with Western styles of corsetry, draping and if necessary padding within the garment, to create contemporary and elegant gowns that curve, shape and flatter the figure into the classical, elegant hourglass shape, which is Yemi's signature silhouette.

His clientele includes women from all over the world and celebrities too such as Alesha Dixon lead singer of ‘Mis-Teeq', shown opposite with Yemi, BBC's Angela Griffen, Sheila Ferguson of the ‘Three Degrees' and Helen Fraser of ITV's ‘Bad Girls' to name a few. However, his core clientele are women in the city who know the value of couture and can afford to pay for it.

Yemi has won several awards for his designs including 3 rd place at the National Wedding Shows' Designer of the Year competition at Olympia in 2002. “That” said Yemi “was one of the highlights of my career because the crème de la crème of the fashion industry were there and top fashion designers were the judges.” Recently in November this year he participated in a fashion show at the Best of Nigeria Expo at Wembley and in February 2006 he has been invited to show his latest collection at the 8 th Annual Africa Business Conference at the prestigious Harvard Business School in Boston, an event which he is very much looking forward to.

“Business and finance have been my main challenges” says Yemi. “ I have to remember to do all the administration as well as the design which can be challenging. However, through the years we have continued to grow steadily and business is generally good. Being flown out to dress a client is great and one special incidence of this was flying out to Los Angeles to dress Ms Dawn Harris for her wedding held at the historic Ebell theatre on Wilshire Boulevard, LA. The wedding was attended by the cream of Beverley Hills and was featured in several magazines” he went on.

His advice to aspiring designers is to remember that it is not all glamour. You need to have a real love for design and it is very important that you get work experience before you set up on your own. It is also important that you get an education and learn the basics even if that is not the area that you plan to specialise in because at some stage you will need to supervise someone else and you will not be able to do so if you do not know how to do it yourself.

Kosibah Creations' gowns are made to order from their studios in London's Bankside, close to Tate Modern Gallery and Zandra Rhodes Fashion Museum.

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